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eLyly Electric Snow Scooter

Enjoy the silence of nature with the eLyly, world’s first top designed electric snow scooter.

Electric Lyly is the next generation vehicle for exploring the unique nature in a fun and  ecological way.  eLyly is designed and produced for riders looking for soothing and fun experience  in the nature with all the senses.

Place your order now and feel the forest with us!

  • Limited availability! Delivery lead time 6 months
  • Available in Europe
  • Orders outside Europe, please contact [email protected]

6.850,005.524,19 exc. Vat

Interested in leasing? ( Only available for companies in Finland )

eLyly - Frequently asked questions

What is eLyly?

The eLyly is an electric snow scooter and is classified as a light electric vehicle. Driving with eLyly does not require a driving license, registration, vehicle inspection, or traffic insurance.

What equipment is needed?

We recommend wearing a helmet. Warm and windproof clothing is enough.

What does ‘lylyily’ mean?

‘Lylyily’ is driving with an eLyly electric snow scooter, enjoying it, having a happy attitude, and paying attention to others in traffic.

What is eLyly designed for?

eLyly is for winter use, driving on snow. eLyly is suitable for both nature, and urban environments, wherever there is snow. The top speed of the eLyly with a 1000W motor is limited to 25 kilometers per hour, which means that driving is equated with cycling in law and the traffic rules are generally the same. eLyly is not suitable for sandy or crushed roads.

Is ‘lylyily’ allowed in the national park?

We have received information from Metsähallitus (the official Forestry Authority in Finland) that eLyly is equated with cycling during the winter. If cycling is allowed in a particular National Park, then in winter it is also possible to drive with eLyly. Please check the information before your trip, because cycling restrictions exist.

How long is the range of eLyly?

The length of the range is greatly affected by ground, freeze, weight, and driving style. When driving on flat ground at a steady speed, the operating range is about 15-40 km.

How much does eLyly weigh?

eLyly weight with the battery is about 55 kg.

Is eLyly right for me?